05/08/04 - 0.0.7 released!

At least the ultimate playable feature: keyboard management!! It is not really so much, but engines are now aware of the 'keyboard' status and the game cycle checks for user input.

It also has been added an implementation of the MicroTank demo whose source code (and sprites) are based on those from Sun's MIDP2.0 demo. It is playable, though you'll find collision detection a little awkard (no bit/sprite detection yet -> bounding box based!).

Feel free to download it all here .

03/07/04 - 0.0.6 released!

Nothing new from what was shown in the latest demo:

  • Sprite (custom) animation
  • TiledLayer as in MIDP2.0: basically for game backgrounds
  • LayerManager list methods

02/07/04 - Tiles + Scrolling!

Unstoppable improvements :)! TiledLayer support added to the demo and a funny scrolling effect. Check it out here .

28/06/04 - Sprites demo update!

Sprite has been upgraded and now supports frame sequences. Latest animation demo has been updated showing this new issue.

I'll leave out transformations from this new release (0.0.6) because I'm not entirely sure in how to implement them with MIDP 1.0.. and several implementations I've been looking at, didn't convince me. So, expect a new release earlier than now!

Sprite demo!

You'll find here a new demo featuring sprite animation! More features on this issue in the forthcoming 0.0.6 release!


A new page has been added to the J2MEGL site including demos! From there you'll be able to check out current demos status and download .jad and .jar files into your mobile phone!

J2MEGL 0.0.5

That means there is no 0.0.4 release! That's right! I realized that the previous approach made the library crawl when deployed in devices, so I made up my mind and have rewritten the library core. Although only one demo is supplied, you'll find this new library much easier to understand due to its ressemblance to MIDP2.0!

Download it and enjoy!

News page

This will be the page where news regarding development and inner issues of the library will be published.